Honey Salt

Some years ago, the new casino opened on Windsor’s waterfront. My mother, who was vehemently opposed to gambling, said, ‘I can’t stop you from going into the casino, but don’t take your hands out of your pocket. You work too hard for your money to throw it away.’ And, for once, I listened to her. But now that mom has gone to her glory I thought maybe now is the time to darken the doorstep of the newly opened casino at the Parq Hotel complex. When we walked in to Honey Salt for brunch, I thought we walked into a Crate & Barrel showroom and that’s not a bad thing.

James’ Breakfast

nfdWriting a brunch review for a restaurant at a casino leads to temptation – clichés like “roll the dice,” “hit the jackpot,” and “come up empty handed” are all too obvious. So, I won’t go there. I’ll do my best to stick to narrative as straightforward as the restaurant’s name: Honey Salt. Honey Salt sets the tone for a relaxing meal with its bright, airy space. One of the first things that struck me was the age range of the serving staff, from millennials to baby boomers. Our waiter, from the latter group, gave attentive, prompt service.


Theresa and I split the monkey bread ($10) as a starter. It was delicious – warm, pull-apart brioche flavoured with citrus and a sweet, boozy dipping sauce – I thought it was rum, but Theresa’s guess, bourbon, was the right one. My main dish, tourtiere ($16), was equally scrumptious. It is served as an individual pie, accompanied by savoury tomato jam and an arugula and apple salad. The tourtiere’s beef and pork flavour hit the mark: robust but not fatty, and the nicely-browned pastry was flakey. One minor point: the salad tasted as if it was dressed with only vinegar: the pie’s richness was countered by the tomato jam’s mild spiciness, so the arugula could have used some, or more, olive oil for balance. Overall, a very satisfying brunch: the food, setting and service put Honey Salt on my recommended list.

Rating:🥚🥚🥚🥚 out of 🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚

Theresa’s Breakfast

Galette.jpgOur adventure started off with Monkey Bread, definitely one of the better interpretations I’ve had. The flavour notes were subtle: orange, butter, cinnamon, sweet. When dipped in the bourbon-infused caramel dip, well right there ladies and gentlemen is about as close to culinary heaven as you’re gonna get on a Sunday morning.

For my main I had the Breakfast Galette ($17) consisting of tender puff pastry topped with scrambled eggs, berkshire ham, spinach, mushrooms and gruyère cheese. In a word, lovely. The eggs were perfectly cooked: tender, fluffy, buttery. All the elements were made with quality ingredients and the dish was well prepared and presented.

I also have to commend Honey Salt on their tea service. We both ordered the English Breakfast, supplied by TWG tea (sold at the Urban Tea Merchant). Most restaurants don’t put a lot of thought into the tea service so it was nice to see good china and quality tea.

TWG Tea.jpgBy the way, we did walk through the casino. It was okay, but honestly it was kind of sad to see people gambling on a beautiful Sunday morning, especially when there was good eats to be had just a few steps away.

Rating:🥚🥚🥚🥚 out of 🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚 + a bonus egg for the tea

39 Smithe Street, Vancouver