Burgoo on Burrard

I’ve lived in the West End now for 12 years and really, it’s just not the same vibrant neighbourhood it used to be. But two things happened that gave me faith in the old gay village: a Home Hardware opened on Davie, and Burgoo opened on Burrard. There’s a lot of junk food in the West End so it’s nice to a good sit down place on the East End of the West End. I love Burgoo, they make the best grilled cheese (pair it up with soup or salad for An After School Special!). Every dish seems to come with a lot of cheese. A noble property to be sure.

Bruce’s Breakfast


Theresa and I were off to Burgoo for Brunch last Sunday. Highly anticipated for me as it was time for a good chinwag along with my first time to enjoy brunch at Burgoo.

One must do two things before heading out for brunch. Check the time the restaurant opens and if they serve Eggs Benny in any format. As I scanned the brunch menu my hopes for Eggs Benny were quickly dashed. I opted for the Eggs Ratatouille ($15.50) (Bruce didn’t actually remember what he ordered, this was my best guess) and upon its arrival, the Peggy Lee song “Is That All There Is?” came to mind. Burgoo, while boosting comfort food, lacks presentation. Loving the mix of veggies and goat cheese in a tomato sauce I tasted none of that as the flavor of garlic had taken over the dish!  While the chinwag with Theresa was a hit, Burgoo’s Brunch was a miss for me.

Rating: 🥚🥚 out of 🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚

Theresa’s Breakfast

IMG_20180311_1124296-1.jpgBruce is one of my favourite humans. And we’ve spent a few evenings at Burgoo enjoyed the comfort food menu and carrying on as we do but we’d never actually had brunch there. Honestly, there wasn’t anything on the brunch menu that was calling out to me so I ordered my standby of Gooey Cheese Griller (15.50) with a side of baby Kale caesar salad. It was good as usual, a  sliced baguette stuffed with a variety of cheeses and then grilled. So while I will continue to love and appreciate Burgoo’s presence in the hood, and enjoy future lunches and dinners there, brunch will be elsewhere.

Rating: 🥚🥚🥚 out of 🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚



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