Oakwood Canadian Bistro

In a divine fit of madness, James and I attempted to do brunch on Mother’s Day. Without  mothers. I offered to bring plastic baby doll but I couldn’t find the head. But we braved the crowds and arrived promptly for our reserved seats at Oakwood.

James’ Brekkie

James Brekkie

A workmate tipped me off to Oakwood Canadian Bistro. It didn’t sound like your regular bacon and eggs joint – sounded classy-like, as she swooned on a Monday morning over the asparagus omelette she’d eaten the day before. I passed the intel on to T and we decided to go on Mother’s day – early! I considered buying T a corsage just to creep her out, but didn’t -’cause it would creep her out…. Ah yes, the Oakwood – executive summary: eat here. Space has a cool-cabin vibe, service was prompt and cheery, prices are ridiculously right. My open faced corned beef sandwich (over easy eggs, sauerkraut, dijon hollandaise and home fries) was pure tastiness. Nicely assembled with enough corned beef for two, I savoured every bite as I considered many places would charge 50% more than its $14 pricetag. Also enjoyed a non-alcohol Mai Tai for $4.

Theresa’s brekkie

Theresa's BrekkieOakwood, located in the deeps of Kitsilano is a wonderful bistro. It’s casual but definitely a good enough place to bring your mother, a place that will reassure her that yes, you’re earning enough to get by and have a wee bit extra to take your beloved mom out for brunch. I ordered the breakfast special: scrambled eggs, pork belly confit, hash browns and toast. The room was dim and the picture doesn’t do it justice: the eggs were creamy and moist, the pork belly confit was melt in your mouth, and the hash browns were extra crispy just the way I like em. Now take a good look at the toast – that there folks is a hunk of bread taken from a homemade loaf. Heavenly. Someone’s momma should be very proud. I will definitely go back to Oakwood, just not on a holiday, our table was reserved all day and I felt a bit rushed to eat it and beat it when all I really wanted to was order more tea and toast. Sigh.

 The details:

James’ rating: 4 eggs out of 5
Theresa’s rating: 4 eggs out of 5


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