Abode Restaurant

Abode is located on the street level of the Blue Horizon Hotel smack dab in the middle of Robson Street. The space was recently renovated and renamed (it used to be called Inlets). The decor is understated and elegant with a casual vibe if you get what I mean. Normally I don’t comment on bathrooms, but the loos at Abode are top notch. Private stalls, nice lighting, interesting sinks. A suggestion – get a window seat – it’s a great people watching spot too. V. impressive.

James’ Brekkie

Vancouver-20131019-00598Tired of the whole “BFF” concept? Let me suggest a more satisfying alternative: “BBSF” – “Best Breakfast Sandwich Forever.” A recent stop at Abode on Robson St. revealed a contenda’! Abode (previously Inlets Bistro) is the street-front anchor for the Blue Horizon Hotel. The joint has a fresh decor to go with its new name, and the menu appears to be a mix of old and new dishes for the tourists and locals who loyally (and with good reason) eat here. I went for the Good Start Sandwich (a priced-right $8 even with the optional $2 bacon). Two pieces of hearty seed-and-nut strewn toasted bread are the edible framework for delicately folded omelet-style egg, bacon, smoked cheddar, tomato, avocado and apple chive mayo. The menu said the sandwich included fresh basil but someone forgot to cue it for this ‘wich. That was okay, because everything else created a wallop of flavour. Service was prompt and pleasant.

Theresa’s Brekkie

Eggs BennyI can kick myself sometimes. Abode is located on a part of Robson that I pass by just about every day and never go into. My loss because the Abode is a wonderful spot and definitely worth going back to for many reasons. Our waitress was friendly and efficient (she’s a long time employee and worked there before the rename and reno). The tea was loose leaf, and served in a lovely pot. It was an English Breakfast, and I am curious as to where they source their tea. This blend tasted of honey and molasses with a bit of smokiness – heavenly first thing in the morning. For breakfast, I had the Kitchen Sink Benny. It included sauteed avocado, spinach, leeks, red pepper, parsley topped with the traditional poached egg – soft and perfectly done as ordered – eggsellent (sorry couldn’t resist!). It was topped with one of the best Hollandaise sauces I’ve ever had. Rounding out the meal were very crispy potato chunks. All in all, a champion brekkie.

The details:

James’ Rating: 4 eggs out 5
Theresa’s Rating: 4 eggs out of 5