Caffe Barney

Today was a red letter breakfast experience! Vivi, James and I engaged in a little petite dejeuner a trois – we did a triple breakfast review! Caffe Barney (what’s with the spelling of Caffe?) on Main was the scene of the crime…

And I have to apologize, the picture of Vivi’s breakfast didn’t turn out, you’ll have to trust me that it looked yuuuuummmy.

James’ Brekkie

pancakesCaffe Barney is a straight-up, good-eats kind of place. I’ve enjoyed dinner entrees here but this was my first breakfast. This morning I had banana-raspberry pancakes ($7.50) and a side of bacon ($3.00). Give us a “Y,” give us a “U,” give us an “M!” The pancakes were full of flavour, without either fruit overpowering the other – and fresh raspberries in the batter provided that homemade touch. The generous side of bacon was crisply cooked. Ten bucks plus change for a tasty breakfast got my Sunday off to a very satisfying start. Service was good and the setting is clean and comfortable. A small restaurant that delivers big results – yay Team Barney!

Theresa’s Brekkie

HuevosrancherosFor this my first visit to Chez Barney’s I ordered the Huevos Rancheros. It included two poached eggs and melted cheddar cheese served in a cast iron pan filled with a piperade. It came with 2 corn tortillas and a side of cubed potatoes. I ordered a side of toast as well. This dish needed way more va-va-voom or Ole! as the case may be.  The piperade was bland and uninspired and the eggs were undercooked. I like runny yolks but I am not fond of runny whites. The breakfast was resoundingly mediocre. I do have to give Barney’s some serious props for the avocado. Most places skimp on the avo or mash it up to stretch it. I got half of a perfectly ripe avocado. And that folks, in my books, forgives a lot of sins. I will come back to try other things on the menu, I had a bit of both Vivi’s and James’ breakfast and they were good. Service was impeccable and the ambiance was pretty gosh darn good.

Vivi’s Brekkie

My receipt referred to my order as the “Jazzy Scrambler” which, I’ve gotta say, is cooler than how it was described on the specials board. It was a wonderful mix of eggs, sausage, avocado, beans and cheese over a toasted bagel, and came with cubed potatoes. It was tasty and hearty, and improved with a few drops of hot sauce. I’ve never had anything that was served on a bagel like that, almost like eggs benedict, and on reflection it was a good choice because regular bread just wouldn’t have held up. I think it would have been more than enough food without the bagel, and that’s saying a lot because I was STARVING. It was great value too, at $9. And I would be remiss without talking about Caffe Barney’s coffee – I order decaf, and in most establishments it’s borderline crap. The coffee I had with breakfast was super strong and very good. The service was fantastic – we never had to flag down anyone, she just magically materialized, checked in and cleared away our dishes at the right moments.

The details

Caffe Barney
James’ rating: 3.5 eggs out of 5
Theresa’s rating 2.5 eggs out of 5
Vivi’s rating: 4 eggs out of 5



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