Kessel and March

Kessel & March is situated in a funny location at the end of Commercial Drive at Powell Street. It’s on the main floor of the ARC building. When we walked in, I had a funny feeling I’d been there before, and indeed, I had many years ago in a different incarnation. The space is oddly shaped, making it a challenge to make the space inviting and useable. Well, the husband and wife team did a really good job at making the space work. Their secret? The wife part of the team is trained interior designer and they’ve created a two level space that is surprisingly open and inviting. And the husband half of the team handles the food. So far, a match made in heaven…

Kris’s brekkie

krisBe the first to tell your friends about this new gem in Vancouver. I have been visiting Kessel and March and sampling many of their wonderful baked goods such as lemon semolina cake , mini quiche and one of the best coconut macaroons ever to cross my lips. Very nice.

This time I visited for brunch and I was very impressed . A very enjoyable meal with impeccable service and quality. This husband and wife team are very passionate about what they are doing and I could feel it. I had the Pork Belly and beans with poached eggs and whole wheat toast. The pork belly and beans came in a heavy bowl. I love a good hot bowl of food, I find it very grounding. An abundance of succulent pork belly was evenly distributed throughout. The eggs were nicely medium poached and the bread is baked daily in house. It is worth the trip just to experience the fresh baked bread, wonderful. I am excited to visit and experience this new spot as they grow and affirm themselves as one of Vancouver must visit restaurants. Nice job guys. Now to head there for dinner. I believe I saw a few terrines that sounded amazing.
Theresa’s brekkie
theresaI can’t remember the exact name of my breakfast but basically it was a cast-iron skillet filled with ham, potatoes, beans, tomatoes and two basted eggs. Everything was wonderfully prepared and very tasty. I have to say though the stars of this show were the bread and the tea. The bread was a wonderful home made whole wheat – dense, rich, flavourful. I have fallen in love. The tea was an okay Mighty Leaf, but the tea service was exceptional. The tea pot, creamer and sugar bowl were hand made. Having had way too many cups of tea served in those wretched leaky metal pots that dribble and inevitably burn my fingers, I can’t tell you how lovely it was to have my tea served in a champion pourer. Thank you. We also ordered dessert. Of course we did. You can’t have breakfast without dessert! We ordered the carrot cake. It was cold from the fridge but jam packed full of walnuts and a nice thick shmear of cream cheese icing. Yum and double yum.
The details
Kris’s rating: 5 eggs out of 5
Theresa’s rating: 4 eggs out of 5

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