To Dine For

Both James and I recently started new jobs so a breakfast was in order to get caught up on the news and views. Lucky for us, James spotted a new place to break the fast at near his new gig – To Dine For.

James’s Brekkie

benniesTo Dine For is a pleasant surprise in a nondescript office building on Terminal Ave. east of Main St. The exterior signs are large and busy (they have to catch your attention somehow while you wiz by in a car), but inside the place has a cool, stylish look with orange and purple walls and some mock-flock wallpaper. Hollywood crooners croon over the speakers while breakfast goers choose from a simple menu of Eggs Benedict (various types), two breakfast sandwiches and a standard eggs, bacon and toast plate. I enjoyed the Hollandaise-free tomato and two-cheese eggs Benedict ($12.95), served with your choice of fries or salad. It was well-done standard fare – English muffins, poached eggs, tomato and cheese, all fresh and flavourful. A nice touch was just a hint of garlic on the toasted muffins, and the fries were hand peeled before they hit the deep fryer.

Theresa’s Brekkie

scrambledeggsSo I’ve been having really exceptional breakfasts and really lousy breakfasts. This breakfast, I said to James with a mouthful of scrambled eggs, was a Toyota Camry. Not a Gremlin, not a Benz, just a good solid get you where you want to go kinda brekkie. I ordered the special with sourdough toast, bacon, and scrambled eggs. Good solid nosh but the prize goes to the fries. Hand cut and so crispy I suspect they were double fried. The rest of the menu, especially the burgers, looks amazing. They have a burger with Kimchi. Now had they offered eggs bennie with Kimchi, that would have graduated this reliable breakfast to at least an Audi.

The details

James’ rating: 2.5 eggs out of 5

Theresa’s rating 3 eggs out of 5

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