The Flying Pig

The last restaurant James and I visited was so nondescript neither of us could remember its name. The food was so meh neither of us could remember what we ordered. It was so blah that we didn’t even bother to review it. Quite simply the experience was so nothing that it just wasn’t worth writing up. This morning was a completely different experience. Wowza!

Theresa’s Brekkie

frittata I almost renamed the Flying Pig the Flying Teapot; our slippery fingered server almost spilled a pot of hot tea on James. After a few heart-stopping moments, the ninja-like reflexes of our server, and the determination that James was indeed unharmed, we tucked in to a lovely breakfast. I had the frittata (goat cheese, asparagus, tomatoes) that arrived with a nice salad. I also ordered a side of sourdough toast. Honestly, it was one of the most memorable breakfasts ever: the food, the flavours, the presentation, all were exceptional. The piece de resistance was the banana bread that arrived shortly after we were seated. It came warm and buttered and was rich and dense, tasting of carmelized molasses and a touch of anise. I could of eaten an entire basket of this amazing bread. This pig does not merely fly, it soars.

James’ Brekkie

salmonbennyIts name borrows from a saying that describes the impossible, but the Flying Pig adds to the list of good eats in Vancouver with impressive accomplishment. The Yaletown location Theresa and I ate at – framed by glass and old brick – filled quickly with brunch seekers. It’s easy to see why: staff are engaging, the menu is straightforward and affordable and a delicious slab of banana bread, dark and moist, is provided gratis. The Smoked Salmon Benedict ($14) I ordered hit the spot: two poached eggs, thinly sliced house-smoked salmon and dilled cream cheese atop toasted sourdough bread, crowned by a light, thoroughly delicious Hollandaise sauce. A fresh green salad with tomatoes and thinly sliced golden beet added colour and a change from breakfast-carb plate fillers like toast and hash browns. However, I know from an earlier brunch at the FP that its lyonnaise-style hash browns are as impressive as the rest of its offerings.

The details


Breakast for two cost us $46

James’s rating: 4 eggs out 5
Theresa’s rating: 4 eggs out 5

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