Argo Cafe

On our way to breakfast this morning, I saw something I haven’t seen since my childhood in rural SW Ontario: day labourers. What happens is this: every morning men who are looking to work for the day wait on a corner and if there’s an employer who needs help for the day, they come by, negotiate the work and wages and off they go (or not).  It felt like I was walking back in time, a theme that continued when we entered Argo (and remember, they only take cash). Argo isn’t a hipster spot trying to be a greasy spoon. It is, as they say, the real deal.

Theresa’s Brekkie

frenchtoastArgo is working man’s diner. While the clientele was mixed this morning, I suspect this little hidden gem is patronized mostly by the folks who work in the light industries that dot the neighbourhood. The decor is 1950s warehouse and the menu was written on a board near the till.  For breakfast, I had the french toast with a side of bacon. The bread was of the Wonder kind and the bacon was crispy and flavourful. Generally speaking, it was a resounding okay (except for the fruit. Clearly yesterday’s leftovers). Not a bad spot to fuel yourself for the day’s work.

James’ Brekkie

pancakes Argo Cafe is in a building on a block in a neighbourhood where not much has changed (lately). The Olympic Village’s gleaming rigid order preens a few blocks away, but here on Ontario Street, it’s still more or less 1954, the year the cafe opened. Plain (order from the list on the wall) and simple (Theresa and I sat at a Kermit-green Formica table) the Argo offers friendly service and decent diner-style food. I had the Platter – a breakfast combo of bacon, ham or sausage, two eggs, potatoes, toast and french toast or pancakes for a super cheap $7.50. The sausages were meh (tiny and overcooked) but the home-made hash browns, thick and fluffy pancakes and just-right eggs did the breakfast deed (skipped the toast).

The details

Theresa’s rating: 3 eggs out of 5

James’s rating: 2.5 eggs out of 5

Breakfast for two cost about $20.00

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