Forage is fairly new to Robson Street, it’s located where O’Doul’s used to be. It prides itself on serving locally sourced food items. It’s a serene spot, decorated with a 1970s West Coast vibe. James joined me today, and we were commenting on how much we both liked the cutlery and the china that they used. Functional, sturdy, understated. Nice touches all around. And the food? Well, Forage is off to a yummy start.

James’s Brekkie

Don’t worry – despite the name, this restaurant isn’t set up like some apocalyptic exercise, where you scramble to put together a plate of vittles before someone knocks you off, a la The Hunger Games. I didn’t lift a finger until they brought me my breakfast, the Two Rivers Turkey Sausage Hash ($13). Slices of pepperoni-size turkey sausage, diced onions, potatoes and yams suspended two poached eggs drizzled with Hollandaise sauce. Served in a small skillet atop a wooden board, with just enough room for four slices of perfectly toasted sourdough bread. A delicious meal, made only better by friendly, thoughtful service, and set in a smart, understated room with a cool west coast vibe.

Theresa’s Brekkie

theresabrekkiePork is the new black in Vancouver’s restaurants. If you’re a carnivore, this breakfast is a dream come true. I had the double-fried pork cutlet with shredded cabbage and a soft-poached egg. Yes I did. And I ate every  bit of too. And I ordered a side of sour dough toast. The pork cutlet was pounded, breaded, and fried. It was crispy on the outside, tender and juicy and flavourful and worth every minute I’ll have to spend at the gym to work this off. It came topped with shredded  cabbage and slivers of beet-pickled onions and a balsamic vinaigrette. Sublime.

The facts:

James’ rating: 4 eggs of 5

Theresa’s rating: 4 eggs out 5

Forage on Urbanspoon


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