Brown Dog Cafe

I have to confess I started out having a hard time finding something interesting to say about The Brown Dog Cafe. Too many distractions I plead, but I downloaded the pictures from the phone and alas, the words started……First, I have to say, the tablecloths reminded me of the colourful vinyl tablecloths that covered (and still cover) my mother’s kitchen table and secondly, I was expecting table service. But you know, it was okay, we ordered at the counter and a few minutes breakfast came to the table, courtesy the person who cooked it.
Theresa’s Brekkie
There’s a real sweet vibe at the Brown Dog. And they get so many things just right. First of all, we ordered our breakfast at the counter. We both ordered tea and with it came two tiny fresh homemade muffins. Jenn’s a vegan so she passed but I thoroughly enjoyed mine. Nice touch. Delicious touch. I had the little dog breakfast – eggs, bacon, homefries, toast – all nicely made and even included wedges of orange. The toast was huge! I ordered the multigrain and it was cut from a large round loaf. Dense, moist, slathered in butter…..two paws up for the mighty brown dog!
Jennifer’s Brekkie
The Brown Dog Cafe is not a vegan establishment but I greatly appreciate their effort to be vegan-friendly. For breakfast, I could have opted for a tofu scramble but, in my never-ending quest for the perfect vegan pancake, I went with the three whole-wheat banana pancakes with real maple syrup. I threw in some blueberries for an extra dollar (really, how could I not?!) and succumbed to a side of home fries too. You can’t go wrong with these flapjacks – fluffy and filled with fruit. Had hoped I might wash it all down with an almond-milk latte but settled for some earl grey tea. Upon the recommendation of the staff, I grabbed a vegan brownie to enjoy with my afternoon tea. It was a little slice of chocolate cake heaven. My sweet tooth thanks you, Brown Dog Cafe.
The details
Breakfast for two cost us around $27.00
Jennifer’s rating: 3.5 eggs out of 5
Theresa’s rating: 3 eggs out of 5



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