The Naam

Good News! Jennifer, my fellow co-founder of this blog has moved back to Vancouver! I missed my friend terribly, especially at breakfast.  One change though, Jenn’s a vegan (and a damn fine looking one too!). While this means we won’t be visiting breakfast joints that serve animal products, it does mean that we’ll be having more blogs for people who consume a plant-based diet and even those who are looking to have something different for breakfast. It’s all good.

Theresa’s Brekkie

The Naam always strikes me as being a good theory/bad reality kind of restaurant. Sometimes I think, gee, I haven’t been to the Naam for a while, and then I go, and I remember why it’s been so long. Most of the furniture is held together by a lick and a prayer, the service is indifferent, and honestly, the menu needs a serious revamp. I ordered the Croissanwitch, scrambled eggs and cheese atop a croissant. It came with roasted potatoes and some bits of fruit. And honestly, I thought I was taking a bite out of the Sahara Desert, it was so dry. I mean bone dry. Tea was meh.


Jennifer’s Brekkie

The Naam is a Vancouver vegetarian institution but, admittedly, has never been a favourite of mine. Notoriously slow service withstanding, I’ve found the food unremarkable at best. Breakfast, I’m pleased to say, fared a bit better. I banished my early morning fog with an almond-milk latte to start and ordered the $5.95 Weekday Super Special (vegan-style for an extra $1.95): two whole wheat pancakes with real maple syrup, two vegan sausages, scrambled tofu, and a few bites of fresh fruit. Fluffy vegan pancakes can be hard to come by and these did not disappoint. But you better like bananas because little bites were dotted throughout these flapjacks. The vegan sausages had a meaty texture and were some of the best I’ve had – not rubbery or tough at all. The tofu was scrambled with a slew of onion, peppers, mushrooms and tomatoes. Although the tofu could have used a hit of spice, it had a great scrambled-egg texture. All in all, a pleasant surprise.

The details

Breakfast for two cost us $27.00

Theresa’s Rating: 2 eggs out 5

Jennifer’s Rating: 3.5 eggs out 5

Naam on Urbanspoon


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