Beyond Restaurant and Lounge

Pal and fellow blogger James suggested a couple of times that we review Beyond Restaurant. It’s literally a hop skip and a jump away from where I live (for which I was profoundly grateful after breakfast) and I am  a frequent patron of the Beyond Coffee Bar (where to be fair, I have never had a bad meal).

James’ Brekkie

It’s tempting when writing about a place called “Beyond” to make a play on words about its food, service, etc. I’ll restrain myself – no side order of ham, I promise…. Located in the Century Plaza Hotel, Beyond is a pleasant, spacious dining spot that does serious trade in feeding tourists. T and I were seated quickly by the pleasant maitre d’, who provided menus featuring a standard range of breakfast dishes. Past E&S reviews prove I’m a sucker for smoked salmon in the a.m. I ordered the Smoked Wild BC Sockeye Salmon Bowl ($15.50) – and a serving as large as the dish’s name arrived. Very satisfying – a base of fried nugget potatoes topped with smoked salmon, cooked fresh spinach, two deliciously-runny poached eggs and hollandaise. Our server asked how I wanted the eggs cooked (nice touch – doesn’t always happen) and provided efficient service. Meanwhile across the table, things were not quite as sanguine….
Theresa’s Brekkie
Honestly, Beyond gets my vote for worst breakfast ever.  I made the grave error of ordering the Chilliwack Hash-a mix of shredded potatoes with bits of corned beef, cheese and two poached eggs. I took a bite of the potatoes and paused…the food was lukewarm and the flavour was off. It tasted like they made the breakfast an hour before I arrived, left it on the counter, and microwaved it for thirty seconds when I ordered it. Even the cantaloupe was a bit slimy. And when the waitress came by to ask how things were, she addressed James and promptly left when he told her his breakfast was fine and didn’t show up again until we asked another waitress for the bill. So I picked at my eggs and toast.  The eggs were okay, but the toast was cold and limp. I also ordered Earl Grey tea that tasted oddly like Lapsang Souchong. My misery was finally alleviated when I got home and my gimpy tummy tossed this most wretched breakfast. Needless to say, I won’t be going back.
The details:
Breakfast for two cost us $37.00
James’ Rating: 4 eggs out of 5
Theresa’s Rating: are you kidding me? No eggs for you!