Slickity Jim’s Chat n’ Chew – Revisited

Well folks, I have a confession to make. I am a total sucker for a happy ending. After reading spell of Dosteovsky and Solzhenitsyn, I couldn’t read anything but Harlequin Romances for a while just because I knew a happy ending was guaranteed. I was very sad to hear when the original location of Slickety Jim’s was burned to the ground (I doubt that anyone who visited the original location was surprised…the building was held together with a lick and prayer). Our first visit was awesome, and I know you, dear reader, are waiting with bated breathe….how was the encore?

James’ Brekkie
Breakfast amigo Theresa and I were “Brekkie Trekkies” this a.m., traveling outside of our ‘hood to eat at Slickity Jim’s Chat ‘n’ Chew. The trip was worth it. We were immediately greeted and seated by Angela. She was also our waitress, and provided prompt, professional service with a side order of fun. The morning menu is broken into “breakfast,” “bennies,” “sammies,” and “sides” sections. Many items have imaginative names, and I had the “Revolution Eggs (a breakfast called h.a.t.e.).” There was nothing nasty about the plate that landed in front of me. Two scrambled eggs with black forest ham, roasted tomatoes and melted asiago a top a slice of corn bread. Tasty and filling, along with a small salad with a zesty dressing and roasted potatoes ($9.75). A minor point: the outsides of the potatoes were crisp and nicely seasoned, but the insides were a tad undercooked. And a DOA mint sprig didn’t add anything to the plate. But overall the food, setting and service were very pleasant.

Theresa’s brekkie

On my first visit to Slickety Jim’s, Jennifer and I sat in one of their vinyl booths. The day before, I had done a fairly gruelling hike on the Island; my legs were sore and I made the mistake of wearing shorts that day. My stiff and sore legs promptly melted in the vinyl and nothing short of a crowbar was going to me out of that booth. Despite my discomfort, the breakfast was wonderful. And so it was this time too.  I ordered the Chorizo Benny with soft poached eggs and lots of carmelized garlic. It was good with a few minor hiccups…the chorizo was indifferent and there was dead piece of mint on the plate. And as James noted, the potatoes were a tad undercooked. But like I said I am sucker for a happy ending and I am glad there was one for this gem of restaurant. Welcome back Slick!

The details

Breakfast for two cost us $29.18

James’s rating: 3 eggs out 5

Theresa’s rating: 3.5 eggs out of 5

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