Bellagio Cafe

2012 will surely go down as one of the worse springs ever in Vancouver. Today, was the first day in a long time that the sun has come out, and while there was still a cold bite to the air, it was reason enough to get out to have breakfast. My guest blogger is my pal Kama, esteemed colleague, baker of the best banana bread ever, and all round neat chick. Today, we visited the lovely Bellagio Cafe. Of course, we took a window seat to enjoy the rare morning sunshine.

Theresa’s brekkie

There’s a good reason why this blog is called Egg and Soldiers. That’s because egg and soldiers (soft boiled eggs and toast) is my favourite breakfast ever. However, it’s rare that I order it in restaurants for the simple reason that the perfect three minute egg is too big a challenge for most chefs. I have had eggs served to me barely coddled, boiled to a blob of rubber or with cracks so big there was barely any egg left in the shell. So I always ask the waitress…can they do a soft boiled egg (and if not, I get scrambled)? When the waitress asked the chef and she came back with an affirmative answer, I thought, “Hmmmm. We’ll see.”  So today was a day of miracles: first the sun, and the chef at the Bellagio served up two perfectly soft boiled eggs. And yes, I repeat, they were perfect. The whites were firm, and the yolks were creamy and smooth. Well played, sir/ma’am. Well played. The rest of the breakfast was okay: bacon was crisp, the potates were slightly undercooked and the toast, well the toast was where Bellagio fell down. See when you have egg and soldiers you need soldiers! Lots of them! At least two of them! One soldier just wasn’t enough. Bellagio does get points for serving the tea in a space aged teapot with matching cups and saucers.

Kama’s brekkie

I too loved the space aged teapots.  A nice beginning to an anticipated breakfast.  I always like to order Eggs Benedict at breakfast because I would never make it at home and I really feel that it is the one dish that is hard to make for a kitchen….is the hollandaise done right, can they actually poach the eggs right?  Well, my eggs were fine, but I didn’t have enough ham and the hollandaise was bland. The hash browns could have been punched up a bit with onion or with some type of herb. Do I dare say the word “adequate”.  The service was very friendly.

The details

Breakfast for two cost us $32.00
Theresa’s rating 3 eggs out of 5
Kama’s rating 3 eggs out of 5

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