The Red Wagon

Today was the kind of Vancouver day that the rest of Canada is jealous of: cool, crisp and sunny. On this installment of  Egg and Soldiers, we take you to The Red Wagon. This was my second and Kris’ fourth visit to this East Van diner and it’s definitely worth more.  I also have to give kudos to the Red Wagon for an awesome breakfast soundtrack: Jimi Hendrix, the Clash and the Cure (and the waitress wore a Ramones t-shirt).

Theresa’s breakfast

My first visit to the Red Wagon was for lunch, I splurged and got the excellent pulled pork sandwich. It was so good I licked both my fingers and my plate clean.  The Red Wagon is not a restaurant that’s afraid of pork. There’s pulled pork, pork belly, bacon (and yes, there are vegetarian choices, but really The Red Wagon is a carnivore’s heaven). I ordered the pork belly breakfast consisting of scrambled eggs, toast, pan fries, and yes, pork belly. It came with a salsa verde and an indifferent hollandaise sauce. The scrambled eggs were wonderfully fluffy, the potatoes were well seasoned and the multigrain toast was crispy and hot. The pork belly was really fatty though so I just nibbled at the meaty bits. Kris chided me for not eating the rest, commenting: “pork belly IS fat,” and then promptly speared a piece and devoured it. That fixed my wagon.

Kris’s Breakfast

This was my fourth early morning breakfast to the Red Wagon. I advise getting up early and arriving as close to opening, 9 am, as possible. The Red Wagon gets very busy and the line forms around 9:40 am. I must say that the wait in line is worth it. I had the pulled pork benny this time around. I have been craving this dish since I first had it last month. The pork was so tender with just the right balance of sweet tang and slight spicy heat. The fresh hollandaise gave this southern take on the benny the perfect rich coat of goodness it deserves. The homemade potatoes were fresh with the right amount of crisp and rounded out this much enjoyed breakfast. On all my visits the service and the food have been top notch. I highly recommend The Red Wagon for a great weekend breakfast.

Breakfast for two cost us $29.79

Theresa’s rating: 3.5 eggs out of 5

Kris’ rating: 4 eggs out of 5

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