Save on Meats

Save on Meats is the reincarnatation of Save on Meats, meaning this East Side landmark has changed hands. It’s still an excellent butcher shop but now has the added bonus of a diner and lunch counter. This part of the DTES is slowly gentrifying and it can be challenging trying to meet the needs of this diverse neighbourhood. And you know what? Save on Meats is doing a pretty good job. Despite the cold and wet weather, the diner was a hoppin.’

James’s brekkie

We took advantage of Remembrance Day, and as the hour of note approached, we were building on the things to be grateful for with a delicious breakfast. The diner is bowling-alley long, booths on one side, counter and stools on the other, and a shared table at the back where my breakfast mate and I sat. Service was quick and friendly without being gooey. Now, the food… I had the corned beef hash, (a stunningly reasonable $8). The best breakfast potatoes I’ve ever had – hard to call them hash browns (‘though the menu does) because they had the sweet succulence of freshly dug baby spuds. They came topped with the oniony beef hash, a poached egg, and a rosemary and cheese biscuit – all rated high on the Yum-O-Meter. The menu claims the hash comes with a side of hollandaise, which was MIA, but it wasn’t missed.

Theresa’s Breakfast

The cold and damp has been getting to me lately, and breakfast at Save on Meats was a good antidote. I ordered the Eggs Benny with bacon and tomato (and yes, it too was reasonably priced – $8!!). At that price point, there’s a lot that could wrong, but the bacon was thick sliced and plentiful, the eggs were perfectly poached and the potatoes were awesome. I had a couple of small beefs: my earl grey tea had an odd flavour, and the menu promised a biscuit, instead I got an English muffin. It wasn’t a big deal until James shared a taste of his biscuit with me, then I was really disappointed. It was excellent!

The details:

Breakfast for two cost us $22.

James’ rating: 4 eggs out of 5
Theresa’s rating: 3.5 eggs out of 5

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