Brioche Urban Bakery and Cafe

Today was a red letter day: I had a rare Saturday off and the sun finally came out. The best thing? My pal Vivi and I had breakfast together (have you guessed? it doesn’t take much to make me happy!). On this fine day we visited Brioche, a sweet spot located in Gastown.
Theresa’s breakfast
I ordered the “Create your breakfast your way” option. Brioche offers a good selection of different choices to add to either scrambled eggs or an omelette. I went with an omelette made with spinach, chorizo sausage and avocado. Toast and fruit salad rounded out the breakfast. Brioche racked up some serious points with me. First they offered a good strong black tea. Secondly, the fruit salad was beyond what other restaurants offer. It was fresh cut and consisted of cherries, grapes, pineapple, blueberries, strawberries and melon. Most places offer cardboard melon and maybe a slimy grape or two. What didn’t go over so well? The cooked the omelette in olive oil and drizzled a bit on the toast. While I applaud the use of a healthier fat option (and it was a good quality olive oil), they used too much of it on the omelette, leaving it greasy.  We didn’t sample any of the gorgeous desserts in the case, but that just means another visit to a decent breakfast spot.

Vivi’s breakfast

I opted for an omelette also, but went with a menu selection and had the version with goat cheese and vegetables. Very tasty, but I’d agree with Theresa that the olive oil rendered it a little greasy. Not sure what I expected to be contained within, but the carrots were a surprise and not a vegetable I’ve ever seen make it to the breakfast menu. The bread was sliced from baguettes, so they were somewhat on the small side, but very fresh. And you know, I’m Italian and think olive oil is a good thing, but in the right place and time. I like butter and jam (gobs of it) on my toast, and no jam was offered – so that was another downside. I’ll agree with Theresa that the fruit side was nice, a good mix of fruit and fresh above all. The coffee was not great – although freshly ground, a decaf especially made for me. I’m not quite sure how that went wrong. I’d go back for dinner, their menu looks great, but I won’t return for brekkie.

The details

Brioche Urban Bakery and Cafe
401 West Cordova St. (at Homer)
T: 604-682-4037

Breakfast for two cost us $26.00

Theresa’s rating: 3.5 eggs out of 5
Vivi’s rating: 3 eggs out of 5

Brioche on Urbanspoon


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