The Templeton

I know, I know…I don’t call, I don’t write, I don’t have breakfast. Life has been rather hectic lately, and my erratic schedule has made going for breakfast challenging.

But lo! Behold! A window of opportunity opened up and my vacationing pal Vivi joined me for breakfast at the Templeton.

The Templeton is located on Granville Street, snugly nestled between a porn shop and a somewhat decrepit variety store.

It’s also wonderfully retro: there are vinyl booths, jukeboxes at each table and a long lunch counter. The menu, though isn’t. The eggs are natural free run, the turkey sausage is organic, and the bacon is preservative-free. Given the sorry state of some of the other places we’ve visited, we were pleased to note the cleanliness of the place. (Vivi visited the loo, and came back speechless. What’s up with that?)

But I digress. Breakfast was really good. I ordered the Farmers Breakfast- rosemary potatoes sautéed with veggies, melted aged white cheddar, two eggs any style, fresh salsa and sour cream. I ordered my eggs scrambled, and they were fluffy and flavourful. I was pining for toast, but apparently it doesn’t come with this breakfast. Vivi, being the awesome pal that she is, let me have some of her multigrain toast. I have to give kudos to the person who made the salsa-I have never seen tomatoes cut so perfectly, so exactly. It was almost a shame to eat them, they were so lovely. I also ordered plain orange pekoe tea, but I was told what they had was plain organic black tea. Works for me.

Vivi’s brekkie:

I had the Bad Ass Breakfast, and it was incredibly awesome. Scrambled eggs were unbelievable, easily the best I’ve ever had – you’re probably thinking ‘how can scrambled eggs be that outstanding?’ They were fluffy, as Theresa said, but with no grease or milkiness, firm and not runny. Two blueberry pancakes were included in my platter and they included fresh berries but were a little flat. The turkey sausage was the first time I’ve enjoyed eating meat at breakfast (no double entendre meant there, really), great texture and just enough spices. I don’t usually like potatoes with breakfast either, but the rosemary taters that came with my dish were just right not too oily or over seasoned. And the toast was great, too.

Our server was no-nonsense, I liked that…wasn’t trying to be our friend, but met all our needs quickly and quietly.

And yes, the bathrooom was very odd. You had to walk through the kitchen, behind whomever was working at the stove, to get there. It was tiny – I couldn’t stand sideways between the sink and door. No hook to put your purse or anything on, which I think is the least they can provide. And you could tell a lot of men had used it before me…by 10:30 am? Probably not cleaned overnight, ya know?

Still the food and service was fabulous, and I’d heartily recommend The Templeton to one and all.

The facts:

The Templeton Restaurant
1087 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC (604) 685-4612

Theresa’s rating: 3.5 eggs out of 5
Vivi’s rating: 3.5 eggs out of 5

Breakfast for two cost  $25


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