Mom’s Cafe

I love weekends away! While I love living in Vancouver, a getaway to visit friends in Sooke, on Vancouver Island is always a welcome change of scenery and pace. I was visiting my friends Alice and Jaire. While Alice ran some errands, Jaire and I tucked into Mom’s Cafe for breakfast.

Jaire is a writer, and a damn fine one, but he really wasn’t interested in writing about his breakfast-he just said to write it for him. Okay. I can do that. Mom’s Cafe is very blue, and I mean that literally. Apparently it was renovated recently and everything is blue-blue floor, blue walls, blue booths, blue blue blue. And a warning. It was bloody cold the morning of our visit. I made the mistake of visiting the ladies and discovered they didn’t heat the bathrooms. The toilet seat was frozen, turning a certain part of my anatomy as blue as the decor. Gives new meaning to freezing your ass off.

Breakfast Burrito

Anyway, on the breakfast. I ordered the breakfast burrito, and this thing was HUGE! And it was good. I have had many a badly made scrambled egg and these were miles ahead of any restaurant in Vancouver. There were light, and fluffy and buttery. The burrito was stuffed with huge chunks of ham, tomatoes, and peppers. The potatoes were hot and crunchy and made to order.

Jaire kept it pretty simple for breakfast. He had the breakfast special (choice of eggs, choice of toast, choice of meat). He went with eggs over easy, sourdough toast and sausages.  When I asked him how he liked his breakfast, he simply said, “It was good.” So there you go. Nice and simple. Just like Mom used to make.

Egg and sausages

Now if only my nether regions would defrost…….

The facts:

Mom’s Cafe
Sooke, BC

Breakfast for two cost us $23.00

Theresa’ rating: 3.5 eggs out of 5
Jaire’s rating: 3 eggs out of 5


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