Wild Garlic Bistro

Wild Garlic is tucked into the corner of Denman and Robson streets. Both my guest blogger, James, and I are West Enders, and I am always looking for a great breakfast spots close to home. We visited on a rainy Saturday morning (it’s November in Vancouver-what else could we expect?).

James’ Brekkie

Corned beef hash

Clean, cozy space, handy location, attentive service and tasty food – there is a “But” coming, “But” we’ll get to that. The brunch menu has a good selection of breakfast and lunch items. I went with the former and ordered corned beef hash with poached eggs ($8.50 – the online menu price is outdated).

The plate arrived heaped with pan-fried potatoes mixed with corned beef (processed, but no problem), two soft-yolk poached eggs (yum), whole-grain toast and a grape/pineapple garnish – the hot items were nice and hot. But they didn’t stay that way because Theresa’s order took about another five minutes to arrive. This is a small restaurant, and it had maybe six customers and two cooks – we were so close to the grill I could have reached over and touched it (and burned my finger). Despite our proximity, we waited and waited for Theresa’s entree, and in the meantime, my meal went from piping hot to piping tepid.

Theresa’s Brekkie

Bacon and avocado bennie

I’ve been  a bit weary of breakfast spots lately; after a hitting two somewhat dodgey spots, I was looking forward to a good, hearty breakfast in a clean and inviting spot. Wild Garlic fit the bill reasonably well. And yes, like James said, there’s a “But” coming. We started off with two pots of hot tea, served in a ceramic tea pot (with the lid attached with fishing wire. What’s up with that?). I ordered the bacon and avocado bennie, with the usual poached eggs. This version, however was covered with slices of real cheddar cheese, rather that the usual hollandaise sauce. Everything, including the slice of pineapple and bunch of grapes, was fresh and tasty. Here’s the “but.” It arrived a good five minutes after James’ breakfast arrived. Let’s face it: no one wants to eat when his or her companion has no food. And it’s not fun watching someone eat when your stomach is growling.

The facts

Wild Garlic
792 Denman Street
Vancouver, BC V6G 2L5

James’ rating: 3 eggs out of 5
Theresa’s rating: 3.5 eggs of 5

Breakfast for 2 cost us: $23.57

Wild Garlic on Urbanspoon


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