Big 6 Family Restaurant

For this installment of “As the Stomach Turns” your intrepid bloggers traveled to lovely Burnaby to visit the Big 6 Family Restaurant. Our guest blogger this week is my pal Vivi, who may or may not join me on another breakfast adventure ever again.

Theresa’s brekkie

Hotcakes and Bacon

Hotcakes and bacon

I am trying to find the perfect adjective to describe the Big 6. “Nasty” comes to mind. So does “sticky.” “Tacky” too, and not in a good way. So the Big 6 is dirty, and I mean that literally. The carpet is disgusting and hasn’t been vacuumed, much less cleaned, in ages. The air vents are still coated with an inch of nicotine back from the days when smoking was still allowed in restaurants. And the floors are sticky.  I even braved the loo (and thankfully it was very clean).

But surprisingly, the food wasn’t that bad. On this my one and only visit, I had two hotcakes and bacon. The hotcakes were light and fluffy, and bacon, while not quite as crispy as I like, was tasty enough. I also tasted some of Vivi’s pan fries and they were just the way I liked ‘em, nice and crispy.  And I cannot fault the friendly and efficient service. But man, the place needs a good scrubbing. And they need to take the Hallowe’en decorations down.

Vivi’s brekkie

Denver Omelette

Denver Omelette

Ditto on the sticky, dirty and tacky. And my lovely friend Theresa neglected to mention the loo featured an ages old Glade air freshener, nailed to within 6 inches of the ceiling. Clearly past all usefulness, and collecting cobwebs.

As for the eats – we ordered tea off the top and they didn’t have any hot water. What’s up with that?  I’m glad I didn’t ask for my usual, which is decaf coffee, because the ladies who waited on us – all clad in bright colours and patterns – would probably have thought I was on drugs. I ordered the Denver omellette and it came with hash browns – lots of ’em, and perfectly done – and toast. The food came quickly and was hot, and the portions were generous. Hot, plentiful and fast satisfies a lot of people. The joint was busy, even on a holiday weekday. We lingered and we were in the minority. People come here to eat, and then go.

The Facts

Big 6 Family Restaurant
7660 6th St.
Burnaby, BC
(604) 521-9249

Breakfast for two cost us $14.96

Theresa’ rating: 1 egg out of 5
Vivi’s rating:  1 egg out of 5

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2 thoughts on “Big 6 Family Restaurant

  1. The Big 6 is under new ownership and is clean with good coffee and an amazing Schnitzel Benny to die for, try ’em again!

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