Joe’s Grill

So on this Saturday morning, we decided to head to Joe’s Grill after a visit to the West End Farmer’s Market. There are three locations in Vancouver, two in the West End, and one in Kits. On this particular Saturday, we visited the Davie Street location.

Theresa’s brekkie


Joe’s is one of my favourite breakfast spots. The service has always been friendly and efficient, and the food is cheap, plentiful and for the most part, pretty good. So it’s kinda disappointing that one time I am disappointed with Joe’s is the day we decided to review it. I ordered the Basic, a choice of eggs, toast, potatoes or fruit, and bacon or sausage or ham. I risked it and ordered soft-boiled eggs and toast. Now there’s a real art to getting the perfect three-minute egg, and the person manning the grill on this visit didn’t get the memo. The eggs were way undercooked. I took another risk and was again disappointed; the fruit salad was old and slightly slimy. On the good side, the bacon was plentiful and crispy. I’ll go easy on Joe’s because I know this visit isn’t typical of their usual good and hearty brekkies. A week later, I did go back and had a decent Denver omlette. Good, but not great.

Jennifer’s Brekkie

sausageandeggsUnlike Theresa, I’m not a huge fan of Joe’s Grill; I once ordered the vegetarian hash for breakfast and it arrived looking suspiciously like a regular stir-fry using those packaged frozen mixed vegetables. Veggie hash? I don’t think so. But I was willing to give Joe’s another try. I played it safe with The Basic: my version comprised two scrambled eggs, hash browns, four sausages, and whole wheat toast with peanut butter and jam. To wash it down, I went with the classic OJ (from frozen concentrate) and a cuppa tea. Although not overwhelmed by my traditional breakfast, I was satisfied. And that’s what counts when my stomach’s a-growlin’ on a Saturday morning.

The facts

Joe’s Grill Kitsilano
2061 W. 4th

Joe’s Grill Vancouver Downtown
1031 Davie

Joe’s Grill West End
948 Denman

Breakfast for two cost us $21.79

Theresa’s rating: 2 eggs out of 5
Jennifer’s rating: 3 eggs out of 5


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