Abigail’s Party

People of certain age will remember the movie Abigail’s Party, a social satire mocking the social mores of 1970s middle-class Britain. Oh, and one of the main characters has a heart attack and his wife complains that he’s ruined her new carpeting. Well no one died during our Saturday morning visit, thankfully, but there was still plenty of drama to be had.

Theresa’s brekkie

Abigail’s Party is my “go to” restaurant when I want a low-key, good food, good ambiance, and the promise of an after-dinner walk along Kits beach kinda evening. So I was excited when Jenn suggested Abby’s for breakfast. Their website says they’re open at nine, but when I showed up, the waitress informed me that they weren’t ready and wouldn’t be for another half hour. Rather than go somewhere else, we sat on the patio and had the pleasure of listening to obscenity-laced rap music. These guys were losing eggs right left and centre. When they were finally ready to serve us, I asked the waitress if they could omit the refried beans from the breakfast burrito. She went into a long diatribe about how they can’t because sometimes if it gets busy and there’s lots of orders blah blah blah….I tried not to roll my eyes. We were the only ones in the restaurant! I gave her my alternative breakfast, and was pleasantly surprised to discover that the world didn’t end without refried beans.

Brunch BurritoThe good news is the breakfast was exquisite. The Brunch Burrito consists of chipotle scrambled eggs, corn, roasted red peppers, refried beans, roasted potatoes and aged cheddar wrapped in a flour tortilla and is served with fresh tomato salsa, guacamole and hash browns. The eggs were fluffy, creamy and buttery. Perfect…my mood lifted considerably. The tomato salsa and guacamole were fresh tasting and well seasoned. Jenn and I debated about the potatoes; we weren’t sure if they were frozen. I think they were fresh and double fried to make them crispy.

The breakfast more than redeemed Abigail’s Party, but they really have to get their act together when it comes to service.

Jennifer’s brekkie


A sunny Saturday morning in Kits is made for enjoying breakfast on a patio with friends. And that’s just what we did. Although the beleaguered wait staff weren’t quite as keen to greet the morning as we were, all was forgiven after my little plate of heaven arrived.

I was very content with my Mood Swing Scramble (infer what you will), a light and fluffy melee of eggs, roasted Bartlett pears, carmelized onions and brie – all drizzled with a fragrant basil pesto. Thick crunchy multigrain toast and delectable melt-in-your-mouth hash brown potatoes rounded out the plate. Bonus points for serving Mighty Leaf organic tea and using local, organic, free-range eggs.

The facts

Abigail’s Party
1685 Yew Street

Breakfast for two cost us $33.48

Theresa’s rating: 3 eggs out of 5 (zero for service)
Jennifer’s rating: 4 eggs out of 5

Abigail's Party on Urbanspoon


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