Sunshine Diner

The Sunshine Diner has a sandwich board declaring that is serves the best breakfast in Vancouver. Well how could we not stop in and see if it lives up to its rather lofty claim?

Jennifer’s Breakfast


I ordered the omelette with feta, onion, tomatoes and peppers. The veg was grilled (chargrilled?) before putting it in the omelette which gave it a kind of a smoky taste. Not sure how I feel about that. The plate was rounded out with thinly sliced wheels of home-fried potatoes, whole wheat toast, and the old standby orange slice garnish. And I washed it all down with a cup of English Breakfast.

I cannot be as harsh as Theresa in my review (I happen to like eggs cooked in olive oil and extra crispy bacon) but I can’t rhapsodize about Sunshine Diner either. The best breakfast in Vancouver? Um, no. A basic breakfast that will fill you up? You bet.

Theresa’s Breakfast

Well ok. Here’s the deal. This is not the best breakfast in Vancouver. It’s not even close. I had the breakfast special of scrambled eggs, sourdough toast, bacon and pan fries. The eggs were flat and greasy (they use olive oil to cook their eggs, which is fine except they use way too much of it). The bacon was looked and tasted like it was cooked with a cinder block on top of it. The pan fries were overcooked and rubbery.

On the positive side, the sourdough toast was good and for once, I didn’t get a salad with my breakfast. As much as I loved the 1950’s kitschy décor and enjoyed the Three Stooges movie they had playing on the big screen TV, I won’t be coming back.

The facts

Sunshine Diner
2649 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

Breakfast for 2 cost us $25.99 (breakfasts are a dollar cheaper during the week)

Theresa’s rating: 1 egg out of 5
Jennifer’s rating: 2 eggs out of 5


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