Acacia Fillo Bar

Denman Street is lined with small, mostly independent restaurants that cater to tourists, beachcombers and neighbourhood denizens alike. Acacia Fillo Bar, by far, is one of the best ones in the hood. Our visit was a happy one: the sun was shining, my fellow blogger and pal Jennifer is back on her feet, and we had a great breakfast. How cool is that?

Theresa’s breakfast

Spinach and cheese banitza

Spinach and cheese banitza

I love this place. It’s my favourite spot to have breakfast, read the paper and linger over my morning tea. The breakfast menu contains the unexpected expected. For example, they have the usual varieties of egg bennies, but instead of a hollandaise sauce, they use a tangy yogurt sauce. For breakfast today though, I had a spinach and cheese banitza. For the uninitiated, banitzas are fillo pastry rolled into various shapes and with different fillings. The cheese is imported from Bulgaria and is a mild white cheese, with a similar texture to feta. I also asked for and received a side of roasted of perfectly herbed and roasted sweet potatoes, white potatoes and yams. No frozen crap here. This particular dish came with a small green salad and plain yogurt for dipping (I won’t go into my usual rant about salad with breakfast…). If that wasn’t enough food, I also tried some of Jenn’s breakfast, and had to restrain myself from eating all her leftovers…it was so gooooooooooooooood.

Jennifer’s Breakfast

Roasted vegetable banitza

Roasted veggie fillo

On my first visit to this Bulgarian gem, I opted for the Roasted Veggie Fillo which looked like one big honkin’ fillo burrito – and I mean this in the best possible way. The golden brown, crispy fillo pastry was literally stuffed with roasted vegetables, including eggplant, celery, carrots, zucchini, spinach, onion, and broccoli. Accompanying my veggie delight was a melt-in-your-mouth roasted potato medley (absolutely gorgeous) and a small handful of mixed greens with a dollop of thick balsamic dressing. I loved this breakfast so much, I went back a week later and had the very same thing. On the second visit, however, I had a cappuccino that could’ve cleaned rust off the pipes but I’m willing to sacrifice a superstar barista for Acacia’s exquisite fillo treats any day.

The facts

Acacia Fillo Bar
1103 Denman Street

Breakfast for two cost us $25.00

Theresa’s rating: 4 eggs out of 5
Jennifer’s rating: 4 eggs out of 5

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