Finch’s Tea and Coffee House

Walking into Finch’s is a bit like taking a step back in time. The décor is definitely Victorian shabby chic, and the ambience on a sunny morning is unbeatable (they also have a 1950’s era stove with five burners and four ovens. Jealous!). Finch’s isn’t for really early risers, they don’t open the doors until 9:00 am on weekdays and 11:00 am on Saturdays.

The Continental

And for breakfast, the offerings are fairly slim: the Continental and Egg & Soldiers. I don’t imagine however, they’d object if you ordered from the wide selections of baguette sandwiches with tempting fillings like walnuts, brie, proscuitto and avocado.

While Jenn continues to recover from her tumble, Sara has stepped in as guest blogger.

Theresa’s brekkie
I really needed to have something simple and healthy for breakfast, and Finch’s delivered. I had the Continental, with organic whole-wheat toast, two medium boiled free-range eggs, sliced vine-tomatoes, black pepper and fresh dill. I also ordered avocado. And it hit the spot. The eggs were done perfectly (the yolks were just-so runny). I also ordered a perfectly brewed vanilla rooibos tea.

Vanilla rooibos tea

Sara’s brekkie

Whether it is pouring rain or bright and sunny, entering Finch’s is an inviting experience.The decor is just enough country in the midst of the city, and the service was with a smile.I also ordered the Continental breakfast, and was happy to receive perfectly poached free-range eggs with toast coated with just the right amount of butter.The sliced avocado and tomato tasted fresh and lively accompanied with sprigs of dill.Not an extensive breakfast menu, but when it comes to satisfaction, look no further.

The facts
Finch’s Tea and Coffee House
353 West Pender (at Homer)

Breakfast for 2 cost us $22.00

Theresa’s rating: 3 eggs out of 5
Sara’s rating: 3.5 eggs out of 5



One thought on “Finch’s Tea and Coffee House

  1. hi theresa!
    I love your brekkie blog! 🙂 It’s my favourite meal of the day too!
    I’m a big fan of finch’s and I just wanted to say that you must go back for their baguette sandwiches. My fav is the pear and blue brie baguette. TO DIE FOR. 🙂

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