The Twisted Fork

The Twisted Fork restaurant is located in the midst of the construction hell formerly known as Granville Street. It’s located just north of Davie Street so put your hard hat and safety boots on and keep your eyes peeled for this gem of a brunch spot.

This time round, we have a guest blogger, James. Jennifer had an unfortunate run in with a patch of black ice. Black ice: 1; Jennifer: 0.

Theresa’s breakfast

The devil, as the saying goes, is in the details. And it’s the details that the Twisted Fork gets absolutely right. My earl grey tea arrived in a small ceramic pot, and my cup arrived already warmed. James and I started off with sourdough toast topped with pesto and came with roasted tomato, truffle oil and goat cheese. It was good, but just okay. We both agreed that it lacked a certain va va voom.

For brunch, I ordered the baked eggs with gruyere cheese. It came with baked beans, grilled spinach and tomato, rosti, bacon, and sour dough toast. There was even a wee serving of Saskatoon berry jam too. The rosti was indifferent, but the rest of the dish really shone. The beans were homemade and tasted of maple syrup and celery seed and the baked eggs were perfectly cooked (I love them runny egg yolks) with lots of gruyere cheese. If all this sounds like a lot of food, it was. But here’s the best thing, there was no appetizer or entree over $10.00. I’ve had lesser meals for a lot more money, so get thee to the Twisted Fork before the construction ends and the line-ups for brunch hit Davie Street.

James’ Brekkie

This was an encore brunch for me and confirmed why I wanted to return: first, it’s a cozy space, with tasteful, low-key decoration that extends to washrooms you could direct your mother to with full confidence she wouldn’t whip out her hand sanitizer on the way back to the table. And when she returned to the table, she would be equally pleased – the food here is, for the most part, solidly delicious.

A decaf coffee order for one arrived in a Pyrex glass press that yielded three or four generous cups. As my tablemate noted, the sourdough toast with pesto (reasonably priced at $6.50) was not, despite all of the accompanying bits, enough to rouse my taste buds out of bed – they liked it, but they just kinda lay there, wondering what else would tempt them to fling back the covers. The next dish did the trick – Eggs Benedict – a marvelous mélange of sourdough toast, soft-yolk eggs, creamy Hollandaise and thinly sliced smoked chicken, accompanied by crunchy rosti, a dab of sautéed spinach and a pot of baked beans with subtle flavours living in harmonious existence. Service was bright eyed and bushy tailed, too.

The facts

The Twisted Fork
1147 Granville Street

Breakfast for two cost us $33.10

Theresa’s rating: 3.5 eggs out 5
James’ rating: 4 eggs out of 5

Twisted Fork Bistro on Urbanspoon


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