Slickety Jim’s Chat & Chew

Tucked into a small space at Main and Broadway is an eclectic and kitschy spot called Slickety Jim’s Chat & Chew. It’s not easy to find, so on weekdays look out for the two lions guarding the door. On weekends, just follow the crowds and be prepared for a long line-up.

One more thing, in the summer don’t wear shorts. The booth seats are covered with that shiny vinyl that will glue your thighs to the bench.

Normally, we have pictures of the breakfasts, but my computer had a meltdown and the pictures were lost.  Just as well, the pictures did not do justice to these breakfast masterpieces.

Theresa’s brekkie

Who can resist eating at a place called Slickety Jim’s? And who can resist a menu with “Benedictions” (a good choice for those seeking Sunday-morning redemption after a night of drinking and carousing).

I ordered the “Je suis un petit canard” breakfast. It’s two scrambled eggs with goat’s milk feta and avocado on an English muffin topped with a tomatillo salsa and served with salad and potatoes.

(Forgive me this rant: I am getting tired of getting salad with my breakfast. It’s breakfast, I don’t want salad with my breakfast, okay? Yes, I know you want me to be healthy. I still don’t want salad with my breakfast. Thank you.)

The rest of breakfast was excellent. The feta added a tang to the eggs and the tomatillo salsa was fresh and chunky. The avocado added just the right amount of balancing creamy mildness. The potatoes were the real deal, boiled and then lightly pan-fried. C’est tres bien.

Jennifer’s brekkie

I decided to stick it to The Man with “Revolution Eggs (a breakfast called h.a.t.e.)” – no, I am not making that name up – and was treated to a delicious concoction of scrambled eggs, ham, tomato and asiago cheese baked atop a hunk of corn bread. I’m a sucker for corn bread and this one did not disappoint – crumbly, slightly sweet – yum.

A generous helping of roast potatoes and mixed greens rounded out the plate. I don’t necessarily share Theresa’s aversion to the morning salad, but I must admit, I’d have preferred fruit salad or even a bunch of grapes instead of a handful of lettuce leaves.

With my habitual morning OJ (I’d have given bonus points for fresh-squeezed…sigh) and a big pot of Earl Grey tea to share, I was sated ’til lunch.

The facts
Slickety Jim’s Chat & Chew
2513 Main St. (at Broadway)

Breakfast for two cost us $25.10

Theresa’ rating: 4.5 eggs out of 5
Jennifer’s rating: 4 eggs out of 5

UPDATE: November 12, 2009. Today’s a sad day as Slickety Jim’s Chat n’ Chew has burned down. To Slickety Jim: I hope you find a new space. Vancouver’s just not the same without you.

Update to the update:

Slickity Jim's Chat n' Chew on Urbanspoon


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