Café Medina

The breakfast menu at Café Medina could best be described as exotic. You can get baked eggs on smoked black cod, duck, merguez and chorizo sausage and even braised short ribs. The “Libanais” includes foule, baba ganoush and tabouleh. Being of the Libanais persuasion, these items are rarely, if ever, served for breakfast. But hey, why not? After all, my favourite breakfast as child was kalamata olives, Lebanese bread and a big mug of tea with lots of milk and sugar.

We visited on a rainy morning and were entertained by a movie being filmed across the street (how Vancouver is that?). We noticed one of the actresses from a TV show wolfing down a commissary sandwich. She should have stepped out of the rain into Café Medina. It was dry and the food was sublime!

Waffles and sides

Waffles and sides

Theresa’s brekkie
Both Jenn and I opted for the waffles with different toppings and sides. I ordered two waffles with maple syrup and bacon and I stole (read: ate most of) Jenn’s roasted potatoes.

The waffles were really good. They were crunchy on the outside, and moist and dense on the inside. The bacon wasn’t what I expected. These were nothing like the lame slices you normally get for breakfast. These were what our resident foodie, Jenn,  called “Danish” bacon. These babies were thick and meaty. Once I trimmed the fat away, they were tres yummy. And the portions were more than enough to share. The roasted potatoes were really good too-and they came with melted cheese.

Café Medina also gets serious points for serving the tea in an insulated carafe with loose tea and a very cute retro cup and saucer set. The water, however, wasn’t hot enough.

Jennifer’s brekkie

I had heard that Cafe Medina was known for its waffles so I thought I ought to sample their fare. Waffles at Medina are sold individually and you select your preferred toppings from the likes of raspberry caramel, pistachio white chocolate, fig orange marmalade and lavender milk chocolate. I ordered two waffles with sides of maple syrup, mixed berry compote, and dark chocolate. The gooey warm chocolate mixed with the juicy berries atop my crispy yet moist waffles was fabulous, I must say.

We also shared some very hefty bacon slices and gorgeous roast potatoes with melted cheese and carmelized onions – big yum. I rounded out my meal with a foamy latte but I wish it hadn’t been served in a clear glass with no handle.

The facts:

Café Medina
556 Beatty Street (between W. Pender and Dunsmuir)

Breakfast for 2 cost us $31.99
Theresa’s rating: 4 eggs out of 5
Jennifer’s rating: 4 eggs out of 5

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