9th Avenue Grill

So this week we decided to visit the 9th Avenue Grill-it has two locations and we visited the one on Broadway near Burrard. The best thing about the 9th Avenue Grill is that it’s open early-really early. So it’s just as good for folks getting off the night shift as those seeking relief from the previous nights’ bacchanalian exploits.

Theresa’ Brekkie

Breakfast wrap

Breakfast wrap

Jenn made comment that I like wraps, and I do. They’re nice and easy to eat and every bite has a mix of different flavours. What’s not to like about that? So I ordered the breakfast wrap.  The menu says it’s a mix of scrambled eggs, bacon, peppers, mushrooms, red and green onions, diced tomatoes and homefries in a tomato basil tortilla.  It was okay. The filling was kind of cold (I think it was pre-prepared), the bacon was way overcooked and there were salty spots in the filling. Plus I was expecting scrambled eggs. What I got were eggs cooked into a thin, pancake type thingie. It was kind of spongy. It made me wish I was at Aphrodite’s. I also asked for a received some salsa on this side. It was way too salty. It made me wish I was at Paul’s Place Omlettery. Sigh.

Fruit Salad - Tres yummy

Fruit Salad - Tres yummy

On a good note, the wrap came with a fruit salad. It was just right – fresh and nothing added to it like sugar or syrup. It had pears, apples, bananas, kiwi and half of a finely diced strawberry on top. And for once, I was glad to be at 9th Avenue.

Jennifer’s Brekkie

Turns out I wasn’t in the mood for anything fancy so 9th Avenue Grill fit the bill nicely. I ordered the 2-2-2 which consisted of 2 eggs any style (I’m a scrambled kinda girl), 2 pancakes (or splurge and have french toast for an extra buck) and your choice of bacon, country sausage or honey-smoked ham (sausages for me please). It was a very basic meal that I can’t rave about but which I did enjoy.

Sadly, 9th Avenue does not have an espresso machine (what is this world coming to?) so I settled for an Earl Grey tea. And the Saturday paper, which was graciously offered to me by the waitress while I waited for Theresa to arrive. Basic eats, reasonable prices, friendly staff – I can’t complain.



The Facts

9th Avenue Grill
9th Avenue Grill, 1822 West Broadway
Tel. 604.714.0744

9th Avenue Grill On Howe, 1060 Howe Street
Tel. 604.688.0717


Breakfast for 2 cost us $22.42

Theresa’s rating: 2 eggs out of 5 (the fruit salad gets a perfect score)
Jennifer’s rating: 3 eggs out 5

9th Avenue Grill on Urbanspoon


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