Nice Cafe

On our way to the Trout Lake Saturday market, we stopped for breakfast at the Nice Café, an unpretentious restaurant in the east end. The restaurant is aptly named-it really is nice. Service was nice, the décor was nice, it was just all, well, really nice. The icing on the cake was the sweet 4 month old baby boy who flirted with us all through breakfast.

Jennifer’s brekkie

It’s not The Fabulous Café but The Nice Café is, well, nice enough. I started my morning off with a bold cappuccino, followed by 3 Bunnycakes – smaller pancakes that were a welcome change from the plate-sized monstrosities typically served.

Sides available included sausages or bacon and the kitchen obliged to give me a little of both. The single bacon strip was likely a bit crispy for most tastes but I was quite content.

The maple syrup’s not real, the butter comes in packets, and the OJ is from concentrate but, frankly, it just doesn’t matter at the Nice Café.

Theresa’s brekkie

Generally speaking, I tend to prefer a savoury breakfast rather than a sweet breakfast. Today I made an exception. I was going to order the bunny cakes because after all how can one resist ordering something called bunny cakes? Anyway, Jenn ordered those so I settled for a Belgian waffle with homemade strawberry syrup and whipping cream with a side of fruit salad.

Ordering a fruit salad at a restaurant can be a dicey proposition at the best of times: generally what you get are chunks of melon that are either slimy or have the texture of cardboard and maybe a grape if you’re lucky. I am very happy to report that the fruit salad, consisting of apples, oranges and pears was so fresh that the apple hadn’t begun to turn brown. I ordered the small size, which was big enough for Jenn and I to share.

The waffle was fluffy, and the strawberry syrup and whipping cream were plentiful. And they served the tea in a ceramic pot (yay!). My only complaint is that my breakfast came well before Jenn’s did leaving me with option of either being rude or watching the whipping cream melt on the waffle. On Jenn’s urging, I was rude. Not so nice.

The facts:
Nice Café
154 East 8th Avenue

Breakfast for 2 cost us $22.16

Jennifer’s rating: 3 out 5 eggs

Theresa’s rating: 3.5 out of 5 eggs


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