The Elbow Room

The Elbow Room is famous with celebrities, drag queens and the rest of us alike for abusive service. But you know what? They’re all bark and no bite (sorry guys, we’re on to you). In fact, the owner who served us was a total sweetheart. While Jennifer had to get her own refill on her coffee, he kindly got me more hot water for my tea (he didn’t want me to spill it and burn myself and sue him, you see).

The big problem is choosing your breakfast-they have lots and lots of choices-including huge pancakes that I look forward to ordering when I visit there again (and again!). And the portions are very generous-and remember if you don’t finish your meal, you have to make a donation to the Loving Spoonful.

And by the way, today’s Jennifer is not the usual Jennifer who writes this blog with me. To avoid confusion, we’ll refer to her as Jennifer 1. She’s taking a break this weekend. Jennifer 2 is a long time friend who is visiting from lovely London, Ontario.

Theresa’s brekkie

I wasn’t feeling too adventuresome today so I ordered the Number 4, being two eggs, five strips of Montreal style bacon, hash browns and toast. I ordered my eggs scrambled. The surprise was when I asked for sour dough bread, I was offered plain, jalapeno and cranberry raisin. I chose the jalapeno. The scrambled eggs were kind of cold and indifferent. However the hash, bacon and toast more than made up for insipid eggs. The hash was tasty and not greasy, the bacon was crisp and the toast was divine. In fact, I might go back just have more toast (maybe they’ll give me the name of their baker). Mmmmmmmmmmm.

Jennifer 2’s brekkie
I on the other hand did want something that I wouldn’t normally have ordered. The menu was very large and had several pages of breakfast choices, including nineteen variations on Eggs Benedict. The version I chose was the BC Benny, which has poached eggs with cream cheese, smoked salmon and chives on a cheese-onion bagel with Hollandaise. The eggs were perfect and the dish tasted wonderful. My only complaint, such as it was, was that the Hollandaise was a little on the cool side. The hash was wonderful – as Theresa said it was not greasy at all and it came in a little dish with peppers and onions chopped into it. The food was beautifully presented and the owner was really funny. If I lived in Vancouver I would go there a lot.

The facts

The Elbow Room
560 Davie Street

Jennifer 2’s breakfast, 4 eggs out of 5
Theresa’s breakfast, 3.5 eggs out of 5 (perfect score for the toast!)

Breakfast cost us $32.00